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How I spent my holidays

In the spirit of Kenyan school traditions, our rabbis have decided to exercise their rights to industrial action. However, there is something that has always remained constant. Write a composition. Here is my attempt to get those 40 marks.

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How to disable GDM user list on Fedora 19+

Edit the file /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/org.gnome.login-screen.gschema.override
Add this line after the existing ones: disable-user-list=true

However, that may evaporate with updates to gdm, so it may work better to create an entirely new file:

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Connection Pooling in a Java Web Application with Tomcat and NetBeans


    NetBeans IDE (This tutorial uses NetBeans 7)

    Tomcat Web Server (This tutorial uses Tomcat 7 that is bundled within NetBeans)

    MySQL database

    MySQL Java Driver


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